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Orthopedic Hospital, Knee Pain Hospital, Spine Hospital in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Rajasthan

Chirayu Hospital helps the patients from getting rid of painful spine related problems. This health care and treatment facility delivers orthopedic treatment in a friendly manner and under a safe environment. As far as it concerns to joint replacement surgery, the specialists at this clinic have more than sufficient experience and lots of achievements. This hospital excels in spinal surgery and patients throughout India visit Chirayu. Some people are often confused with two terms ‘orthopedic’ and ‘orthopaedic’. It’s one and the same thing. Orthopedic is spelled in US English, whereas Orthopaedic is spelled in UK English. This spine hospital in Ahmedabad and joint replacement Ahmedabad hospital is located at heart of Gujarat state in India.

Chirayu Hospital began in 1998 with an intention of health care services for those patients who are suffering from any kind of orthopedic problems. Dr. Amit Jhala specializes in surgery of doctor spine in Ahmedabad, whereas Dr. Manish Mistry specializes in Joint Replacement Ahmedabad and Trauma Center in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Rajasthan. Both these reputed specialists joined hands to begin this orthopaedic clinic & Orthopedic Hospital in Ahmedabad, Orthopedic Hospital In Gujarat, Orthopedic Hospital In Rajasthan. When these surgeons decided to begin Chirayu, their intention was not just commercial profit making, rather their intention was to solely relieve the patients from their pain. They believe that a doctor or surgeon who dares to fight spine pain or joint pain is actually the true specialist in the field of medical science. Because pains related to spinal cord issues are really very painful.

Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

When the hospital was established, both the doctors had decided to equip the premises with more than sufficient facilities, state of the art technology and adequate infrastructure. This medical centre follows strict guidelines in relation to delivery of maximum care for their patients. Safety of patients in terms of maintaining the hygienic circumstances at the premises is at the highest priority for the entire medical professional’s team. Both the surgeons who founded this hospital have records of successful spinal surgeries and joint replacement surgeries. An additional treatment related to Trauma Care is also provided at this centre. So, always feel free to get in touch with experts which deliver quality treatment and services at a very affordable price.

Chirayu Hospital is one of the leading knee pain hospital in Ahmedabad also knee pain hospital in Gujarat started joint venture by Dr. Manish Mistry and Dr. Amit Jhala on 28th June 1998 with sole idea of rendering world-class quality services to the patients in the field of Orthopedics.

Whether it’s about musculoskeletal diagnosis or about joint replacement surgery or a problem related to spine, the doctors at this clinic provide rehabilitation and treatment; both under single roof. Chirayu hospital also includes a division related to joint replacement. This centre located in Ahmedabad City of Gujarat State in India, is the one stop shop for all these three related issues i.e. spinal problems, orthopaedic problems and joint related problems.

We are the best orthopedic surgeon in Ahmedabad and we promise you for the best we can do for you to eradicate your pain. That’s the promise of each and every health care staff working at Chirayu Hospital. We have all the required facilities, experienced staff, sufficient infrastructure and state of the art technology to perform the best Orthopedic Surgery for our patients that's why we are listed one of the best orthopedic surgeon in Gujarat. So, remove all fears from inside you and consult the experts orthopedic doctor in Ahmedabad and orthopedic doctor in Gujarat at our clinic.

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Provide Spine, Knee, Joints Treatment in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Rajasthan

Spine Surgery

Spine Surgery is a condition that generally requires a team of health professionals to diagnose and treat. Before resigning yourself to surgery, consider getting opinions from several spine specialists.

Deformity Correction

A pre-operative plan is essential with careful selection of patients who will be able to adhere to the strict postoperative regimen of lengthening and angular correction to avoid late complications.

Joint Surgery

Comprehensive treatment of Hip and Knee disorders is provided by the Department of joint replacement surgery, including complex Acetabular and pelvic fractures.

Other Spinal Disorders

Spine should run straight down the middle of the back. When abnormalities of the spine occur, the natural curvatures of the spine are misaligned in certain areas.

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The Chirayu spine fellowship is academic endeavor by Dr. Amit Jhala

As faculty

Co-ordinator and Speaker for the Topic Discussion on Various Diseases and Treatments.

Patients Testimonials

Orthopedic Hospital In ahmedabad, Orthopedic Hospital In Gujarat, Orthopedic Hospital In Rajasthan

It was my best cure done ever. The staff is fully energetic. Had my best surgery here. Thank you!

Iqbal Shekh
Orthopedic Hospital In ahmedabad, Orthopedic Hospital In Gujarat, Orthopedic Hospital In Rajasthan

I sincerely thank Chirayu Hospital for putting in 100% effort in giving me motivation and cured my disease.

Payal Parikh
Orthopedic Hospital In ahmedabad, Orthopedic Hospital In Gujarat, Orthopedic Hospital In Rajasthan

Best Hospital In Ahmedabad for Spine Replacement. Thank you! Chirayu Hospital.

Rohan Pathak
Orthopedic Hospital In ahmedabad, Orthopedic Hospital In Gujarat, Orthopedic Hospital In Rajasthan

I was been taken for surgery and It was really making me now feel good after it. As living my great life.