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Knee Joints Surgeon in Ahmedabad

Replacement is an Essential Universal Process that Happens at Frequent Duration

Knee joint surgeon in Ahmadabad tells knee joint is a hinge joint formed by the top of the shin bone called the tibia and the bottom of the thigh bone or femur your kneecap is called the patella. Cartilage provides padding between the bones and helps assure an effortless smooth gliding movement of the joint. Knee joint surgeon in Ahmadabad where your doctor has recommended that undergo a total knee replacement surgery do not delay your surgery delaying your surgery can lower your quality of life even more than after again it will arise after 2 or 3 years after surgery. The unique training and experience of knee joint surgeon in Ahmedabad.tells that it is not necessary for each and every one for total knee replacement but it is highly depend upon

Knee Joints Surgeon in Ahmedabad
  • Severe knee pain that limit’s your everyday activities including walking going up and down stairs and getting in and out of the chairs.
  • Moderate or severe knee pain while resting during the day and night.
  • Failure to obtain pain relief from drugs. Their effectiveness in controlling knee pain varies greatly from person to person these drugs may become less effective for patients with severe arthritis and may also have serious side effects with prolonged use.

Surgeon for Evaluation of the knee:

  • A medical history in which your orthopaedic surgeon gathers information about your general health and asks you about the extent of knee pain and your ability the function.
  • A physical examination to assess your knee motion stability and strength and overall leg ligament.
  • X-rays to determine the extent of damage and deformity in your knee.
  • Your orthopaedic surgeon will review the result of your evaluation with you and discuss whether total knee replacement would be the best method to relive your pain and improve your function.
  • Your surgeon is right to decide for the surgery.
Dr. Manish Mistry
Dr. Manish Mistry

Academic Qualification:
M.S. (Orthopaedics) (1993)
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  • - Hip replacement Surgery (primary and revision)
  • - Knee replacement surgery (primary and revision)
  • - Pelvic and Acetabular trauma
  • - Complex trauma services
  • - Limb lengthening surgeries

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