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Trauma Center in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Rajasthan

A centre of excellence for fractures and dislocations as well as musculoskeletal injuries and other orthopedic disorders

There are several types of surgeries that fall under the orthopedic branch of treatment. The most common Orthopedic Surgery is joint replacement, shoulder replacement and knee replacement. General bone(s) fractures normally do not require procedural or detailed surgery. In most cases bone(s) fractures can be treated through various types of non-surgical methods. If you are looking for details about your spinal cord pain or if you have recently encountered some sort of injury or if you have problems related to your knee pain; get in touch with the specialists at Chirayu Hospital. The experts at our clinic will never misguide you and always help you with perfect and accurate treatment.

Joints Replacement in Ahmedabad

There’s a difference between behaving like a Doctor and a Surgeon. A doctor focuses more on money in turn for treating a specific human body, whereas a surgeon focuses more on relieving the pain from a human body through various surgical and non-surgical methods. Chirayu Hospital is located at Ahmedabad City of Gujarat State in India. It’s so popular, that when you enter in the city of Ahmedabad, you may simply ask to any person nearby. Rarely may be someone who would be unable to redirect you to our clinic or hospital premises.

This orthopedic surgery center also treats patients suffering from Trauma or Fracture. A trauma or a fracture is generally caused after some sort of accident. Due to such accidents, a fear overrides the normal thought process of brain. In medical terminology, this arrival of fear in brain is called trauma. The traumatic condition of any patient should be solved as soon as possible. Otherwise in long term, the patient’s fear of repeating a similar task again, will never travel out of his/her brain. This arrival of fear factor is normal in every patient who meets a severe accident. Some patients are so sensitive that they face traumatic problem even with a minor problem. It varies from patient to patient. Trauma care is a specialized treatment in which physiologists, neonatologists and psychiatrist also play an important role.

Some people have a misunderstanding that orthopeds or orthopedicians only treat bone related problems. It’s technically and medically not true. The specialists and surgeons who are a part of orthopedics treat several unbearable pains of patients. Some of examples are:

1. Musculoskeletal pain related treatment.
2. Ligament related pain treatment.
3. Bones related pain treatment.
4. Skeletal pain related treatment.
5. Nerves pain and its related treatment.
6. Ailment related treatments.
7. Chronic Arthritis related treatments.

We promise you for the best we can do for you to eradicate your pain. That’s the promise of each and every health care staff working at Chirayu Hospital. We have all the required facilities, experienced staff, sufficient infrastructure and state of the art technology to perform the best Orthopedic Surgery for our patients. So, remove all fears from inside you and consult the experts at our clinic.

Dr. Manish Mistry Orthopedic Surgeon
Dr. Manish Mistry

Academic Qualification:
M.S. (Orthopaedics) (1993)
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  • - Hip replacement Surgery (primary and revision)
  • - Knee replacement surgery (primary and revision)
  • - Pelvic and Acetabular trauma
  • - Complex trauma services
  • - Limb lengthening surgeries

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